Private metering systems

Generate profits, maximise building value and optimise efficiency with private embedded metering networks

As a total metering solutions provider, we offer a complete program of expert metering services for new buildings, as well as products and systems to upgrade existing metering in the retrofit market.


Private metering – or embedded networks – are the standard in most mid-sized and larger commercial buildings in WA. Embedded meters are owned by the building, not Western Power, so you control the management and sale of energy. We can also show you how embedded metering can be cost competitive for installation compared to Western Power multi-master meters in multi-residential developments.

A well planned and installed private meter network enables the automated collection of detailed metering data, including power, water and gas.

Once you have the data you can bill for tenant utilities and profit from the difference between the wholesale purchase rate and the retail synergy rate (the on-sale price).



Because private meters can gather detailed data, the network can be used to monitor the performance of specific plant and house services. It can be used as an audit function over the BMS to ensure that energy is used optimally.


If the data is properly reconciled by the EMS it can be used to detect changes to the network made during building maintenance and fit-out works.
The savings from fault finding can be enormous as the system detects problems that could have gone on to cost thousands each year for many years to come.


Properly reconciled and monitored data has been proven to be useful for seeing the true consumption of plant and tuning the BMS to get the best balance of comfort and performance.

Having quality data available can have an immediate positive impact on NABERS ratings.
It’s also a positive contributor to GreenStar ratings, including an additional score for a “GBCA Innovation Challenge” for the METERVIEW™ system.

We can work with a range of meter vendors and we recommend meters that have a combination of reliability, on-board storage and on-board communications. We only recommend price effective solutions to our customers, as the construction market is highly competitive.