existing ratings and schemes

Green Star

Green Star is a standard released and managed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).
It is used to evaluate the environmental design and construction of new buildings and communities. Although a voluntary system, marketplace competition has driven strong demand for highly rated Green Star construction projects.
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innovation challenge

The GBCA has introduced an Innovation Challenge to improve the standards of Energy Metering within new buildings called Energy Metering Integrity. The challenge is about putting measures in place to validate, commission, and monitor building performance through intelligent metering systems – beyond the current GBCA requirements.
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Carbon EMT provides solutions that will increase Green Star ratings including additional credit under the “Innovation Challenges”.



NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment, and provides a simple indication of how well it is managing these environmental impacts compared with its peers and neighbours.
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NGERS is the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme, which is a mandatory corporate reporting system for greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and production for existing buildings. The scheme is enforced by The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act.
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NABERS ratings can often be improved

simply by upgrading to an accurate meter network that removes kWh from the base building and reallocates it to the tenants (correctly). The metering can also be used to tune the building to improve outcomes and MeterView™ provides data online, so the assessor can see a full history of the building performance, speeding up the data gathering process.