Meter Investigations and Network Reviews

We can track down metering faults to find lost revenues and increase efficiency at your building

Does your overall building energy bill have a large allowance shown as “balance”, “unmetered common area” or something similar, often around 10-25% of overall usage?

You may be losing revenue from the on-sale of energy and artificially inflating the building Variable Outgoings (VOs). You may have a number of small problems with metering and systems that are starting to add up.

In many cases we find tenancies are connected to common area circuits, the building contains faulty meters or wiring, and even significant volumes of electricity are being billed to the wrong tenant.

We can perform a fast (two-to-three day) inspection of your building, create an up-to-date single line diagram of the property and provide you with a detailed report on all issues we find.

This gives you the data you need to understand the likely costs and potential pay-back, in both cash and performance terms, from a meter upgrade.

Contact us to find out how cost effective it can be to get a thorough, quality outcome.