Currently the market accepts an average of 10% of all resources used by a building are expected to be un-reconcilable, unallocated and undetectable. This is simply written off as a building expense and passed on to tenants at cost price in VOs. Consequently, building owners lose out on revenue that could have been correctly billed at a marked-up rate to the tenants. It also has a damaging effect on NABERS performance, as this balance energy is allocated to the base building consumption which is the measure that directly impacts a building’s NABERS rating. In addition to this, manual reading solutions do not allow the date of the bill to be lined up with the date of the sub-meter readings, so it may be some months before any kind of manual reconciliation could be performed.
We are committed to providing accurate, transparent and fully reconcilable metering data.

With our superior technologies and advanced metering systems, we set a standard of no more than 1% in unreconciled energy for our clients. In the case of large commercial buildings, this equates to savings of thousands of dollars in building revenue, as well as much more favourable NABERS ratings.

Data Integrity


Advanced metering is no longer an isolated function. A large amount of data is gathered by each (properly programmed) meter, far beyond the simplicity of just the kWh reading every month. Often a dozen variables are recorded and stored within the meter every 30 minutes to give a detailed insight into energy performance. The latest meters are high accuracy and have adequate on-board storage.
Our system queries the meters and can determine if there are any gaps in the transmission of the data. The system is smart enough to request the pieces it’s missing. Even if the meter communications fail, no data is lost.
We want to ensure that the data is adequately gathered from the meters and collated. Unless there is continuity and completeness within the data gathering process, the value of the data made available for use in analysis packages is dramatically diminished. CarbonEMT has developed a system that works in concert with the meters to ensure that all data is kept and nothing is lost, even if there are communication outages. This can be done without any onsite server infrastructure to be installed or maintained.