Getting it right.

Partnering with CarbonEMT means being connected to a team of industry leaders with over 25 years of experience. Community Energy Networks are CarbonEMT’s specialist field. Our investment in people and systems ensure we are able to deliver the best financial and sustainable outcomes for your development. We have extensive experience in delivering solutions for all types of property.

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Sustainability when delivered as industry best practice represents a cost saving to the developer and long-term benefits for the ultimate consumer. It is equally as important that the technology remains innovative and reliable as this is the truest form of sustainability.

With over 130 employees, our own dedicated Australian call centre services, the largest Community Energy Network customer base nationally – we are the trusted partner for your next venture.

In safe hands.

CarbonEMT is a full-service organisation. That means we’re with you from planning and design stage, through to operation and maintenance. With us by your side, you have access to local, in-house project engineers, exceptional customer service, and the security of knowing we’ve got your regulatory compliance covered.

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You can also benefit from our expertise in design, systems integration, strata contracts and sales disclosures. With CarbonEMT, you’re in safe hands.

We’ve built a reputation for transparency and integrity that permeates everything we do. With cost benefits extending to developers, strata companies and consumers alike, we’re not only your most trusted option, but one that delivers the best value for money.

Community Energy Networks and Sustainability.

We incorporate sustainability measures into your development that lock in long-term benefits for consumers, while reducing costs at the same time. In a Community Energy Network, occupants can also benefit from features like renewable energy and electric vehicle charging.

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Our networks future proof buildings so they are ready for regulatory change and suitable for the incorporation of new technologies as they emerge.

Focus on Customer Experience.

With one account manager handling all strata and company queries, CarbonEMT makes life easy for our clients. We remove the management burden, taking care of all aspects of operation of the Community Energy Network with our professionally trained customer service team.

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Our regulatory compliance team ensure the highest level of consumer protection. We offer consumer friendly software for all property types, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Our innovative technology, Meterview, allows customers to monitor and adapt their energy usage to maximise their own internal efficiencies. It literally is a Win-Win for all members of our Community Energy Networks.